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Canon Camera


About Bob Hall Nature Photographer

Bob Photo

Bus CardRight up to the present day, I decided to put together this site to share for everyone my photos so they also can appreciate the beauty in America. When I first realized my love for photography, I used an old 35mm camera and even a Polaroid. I now almost exclusively use Canon digital equipment which offers me an almost unlimited realm of creativity plus the laborious need to master a program called Photoshop to work with photos. For the last 20 years my concentration has been on landscapes, wild flora and wildlife throughout the southwest, mainly Texas.

For anyone just starting out in photography please remember that you will never stop learning the art and a great shot is about 50% knowledge, patience, planning and 50% luck. The cameras available today offer great versatility to any user. So keep shooting and practicing and I hope you enjoy this web site.

I use the state of the art Canon mirror less camera with some awesome lenses. It's a blast to use!



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